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How to Grow Sprouts in the easiest way?


Growing Sprouts in a Jar is the most easiest way! Just to follow the steps as below:

Sprouting Steps 1.png

Put seeds in a jar, add purified water

Sprouting Steps 2.png

Soak seeds 6 to 12 hours (Depends on seeds)

Sprouting Steps 3.png

Rinse twice a day, drain well and invert jar at an angle

Sprouting Steps 4.png

Enjoy seeds sprouting, ready in 3 to 6 days

Sprouting Steps 5.png

Refrigerate to store

How to store seeds?


Store your seeds in a cool, dry place. When store in proper conditions, seeds can last almost indefinitely. We guarantee our seeds from one year from date of purchase if store properly.

How to grow alfalfa broccoli red cabbage ruby radish sprouts in a jar (Video)?
How to remove hulls from sprouts?


  • Remove the sprouts from container and place in a large bowl filled with cold water

  • Swish around the sprouts and the hulls will rise to the top. scoop out the hulls

  • Put the spouts back into the jar and drain. Leave inverted until well drained

How to grow mung bean in a jar?

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